MURS, SkiBeatz and Tabi Bonney, live in-studio!

Lawrence and KJHK proudly hosted this authentic hip hop crew Friday, Nov. 4th, and got them up in the studio, live on-air. Scroll down for the original audio.

Murs, Tabi and Ski just released their latest album:


The three are currently on their Hip Hop and Love Tour which stopped in Lawrence last Friday, and KJHK was lucky enough to welcome them into the studio for a live interview full of of jokes, banter, stories and their love of hip hop culture.

“I did the school thing, I got my masters degree. I was in doctoral medicine, but it wasn’t me. I followed my heart into hip hop,” Tabi said.

SkiBeatz said the same, telling aspiring hip hop artists to be true to themselves and to be original, saying you gotta get up there and you gotta do it, if you want it.

Murs dropped jokes about Harold and Kumar, the FBI, getting rid of his dreadlocks, gave Lawrence’s local hip hop scene and  Massachussets street prop. He also warned listeners that if not enough people went to the show, Tabi might get naked on stage.

He didn’t; but there’s always next year.

The following is the original audio from the in-studio interview which originally aired on November 4, 2011

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By Lindsey Deiter

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