Quiet Corral on PTF

Plow the Fields returns with a new host and a new attitude.

Welcome back! As the new host of Plow the Fields, one of KJHK’s oldest special programs, I wanted something great for my first show. So, I turned to my favorite local band, Quiet Corral. Quiet Corral is a six-piece folk, pop band from right here in Lawrence, Kansas. Each member brings their own musical background to the table to create a unique sound that will make you unable to not want to sing along.

Singer Jesse Braswell Roberts was kind enough to stop by the studio for a quick interview which aired on PTF this past Tuesday. Going into the interview I intended to have the audio files available in this blog post but, that would be too easy; our stream was down and nothing was recorded (hey, this is college radio after all). Instead, I’ll give you the highlights:

Our interview covered everything from random facts like Jesse’s earlier training on the viola, the band’s drink of choice: Arnold Palmer, to musical influences and writing inspirations. We covered a lot in 30 minutes, too much to put in this blog post for sure.

The most important thing that we talked about was the band’s upcoming show with the Kepecky Family Band and She’s a Keeper this coming Saturday night, January 21st, at the Bottleneck. The show starts at 8pm and trust me, you do not want to miss it. I’ve seen Quiet Corral live twice and each time I have been completely blown away. These guys know how to put on a show and throw a party.

If you can’t make this Saturday’s show you can catch Quiet Corral on February 10th with the Delta Saints at JayRock7, a benefit for the JayDoc free clinic, at the Uptown in KC, MO.

If you can’t make either show, just check out their website www.quietcorral.com, it’s great! Oh, they’re on iTunes and Spotify too!

by amanda barnes
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