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Tom Brady’s place among the elite quarterbacks in history is cemented.  We know that, but Eli Manning has been a major question since his first Super Bowl Victory.


There is no question now.  Manning joins a group of five players, including Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Tom Brady, and Joe Montana, who have won multiple Super Bowl MVP awards.  This group includes a total of 13 Super Bowl championships alongside Starr’s five NFL championships won before the merger.


The group combines for 160,816 passing yards and 1,122 passing touchdowns.


The best comparison can be made with Tom Brady and Eli Manning.  There is no doubt that Brady is the elite quarterback of this generation.  When deciding whether Manning is elite or not, there is no better example than Tom Brady.


Start with career stats.  Brady has thrown for 39, 979 yards and 300 touchdowns in 12 seasons. Manning has thrown for 27, 529 yards and 185 touchdowns in eight seasons.  That’s an average of 3,331 yards and 25 touchdowns per season for Brady and 3,441 yards and 23 touchdowns per season for Manning. 


Brady has won one more Super Bowl than Manning, but consider this.  Manning beat Brady for both of his rings, but that’s another story.  The question here is whether Manning is an Elite quarterback.


With two Lombardi Trophies, two Super Bowl rings, and two sets of corvette keys, Eli Manning makes a great case for himself.


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– Trevor Graff