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KAB Award Results

KJHK took home 16 awards, breaking the station’s all-time high award count!

KJHK received accolades for its programming efforts in news, sports, production, IT, and more!

Winners are:
Best Station Website – “KJHK.ORG” – Marc Schroeder, Kaitlin Brennan, Kimberlee Hinkle
Best Entertainment Program – “Phog Nation” – Pat Strathman, Jonas Nordman, Andrew Joseph
Best Enterprise News Package – “Midget Wrestling” – Tommy Strauser
Best News Feature – “Lucky You Bakery” – Becky Sullivan
Best Sports Feature – “Hilton Magic – Ian McLean

2nd Place Winners:
DJ Personality – Vince Meserko
Enterprise News Package – “Life in the Favelas” – Joanna Hlavacek
News Feature – “Iron Composers” – Tommy Strauser
Sports Feature – “Roger Lodge Interview” – Jay Ingber, Alex Gold, Peter Knutson
Sports Play-by-Play – “KU vs. Baylor” – Alex Gold

Honorable Mention:
Public Affairs Program – “As Heard from the Hill” – The KJHK News Staff
Enterprise News Package – “Campus Flora” – Mark Arehart
News Feature – “Kaw Valley Farm Tour” – Nick Curry
Sports Feature – “Fran Fraschilla Interview” – Alex Gold, Peter Knutson, Jay Ingber
Sports Feature – “Seth Davis Interview” – Peter Knutson, Jay Ingber, Alex Gold
Sports Play-by-Play – “KU vs KSU” – Aaron Berlin


Congratulations everyone!