DIIV: Oshin

DIIV is probably pronounce “Dive”.

Oh, my, what a debut! This group makes me love guitars and freedom still more than I did before. These songs are well-distilled, yet aqueous expressions that deny traditional song structures in favor of open space and something a little more like free jazz. Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV creator, classifies the songs into three categories: “happy, Kraut, and sad” [don’t mess with the Oxford comma], and he is right on track, of course. These explorative jams bring a great expansiveness to your day (life?), and open up any already-great KJ set into something dreamier.

Quick Take: Amorphic, mysterious, and distrait free-form rock
Think: Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, a spacier and krauty Real Estate
REC: All of them, but especially 2, 5, 12
FCC: None of them
Label: Captured Tracks
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Alex Applegate reviewed this album on July 1, 2012

DIIV – “Doused”