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Girl’s Generation has the Korean beat

The host of K-Pop talks about one of the most popular pop groups in Korea

By Tito Huynh

I’ve been thinking really hard about what I wanted to talk about for my second blog and instead of random talk of new releases and my favorite artists, I would rather have you guys learn about what is popular in Korea.

Many of you are new to the K-Pop realm thanks to PSY’s Gangnam Style. But there are many other popular artists in Korea that have not made it big in the U.S. yet. The group I will be telling you guys about today is THE group in Korea right now. Whenever someone would ask, “What group is popular?” A lot of the time people will say Girls’ Generation. Also known as SNSD and 소녀시대.

Girls’ Generation made their debut in Korea in 2007 with their single “Into the New World”. It was definitely a successful song. However, the song that actually established them as a group was a song called “Gee”. This song is very upbeat and catchy. The music video is girly and but also established their fan-base for men both young and old. This song made Girl’s Generation appear more feminine and more like women to people. From this point on, their choreography became exponentially more elaborate and their songs always deliver catchy lyrics and a great tune to listen to. In fact, they have been so successful that they have songs in multiple languages: Korea, Japanese and English.

This group is actually the group that got me into K-Pop. What got me hooked were the catchy song and dances. And, yes, all the pretty girls. This group has a shocking amount of members. 9 in total. They are nicknamed the Nine Angels in their concert opening sequence. Heck, 9 members are enough to make anyone happy. Less sharing for all of us, you know? But on a more serious note, big groups are a popular thing in Korea lately. Girls’ Generation’s brother group is a group named Super Junior. This group has a whopping 13 members! And on top of that, a group that debuted recently called EXO. And they are so big that when they go on tours, they break into two different groups, EXO-M(Chinese) and EXO-K(Korea).

Before I leave you guys I will give you a quick break down of the 9 members. The leader is Taeyeon. The rest follow from oldest to youngest: Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. And each member had trained with the company for a long period of time. But that is a subject for next time!

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