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What’s the best way to start your day?

DJ Fuzzbucket shares why Breakfast for Beatlovers is the best way to start your day

It’s time once again to open that kitchen and feed everyone some delicious breakfast, pouring straight  through your speakers into your ear holes… er, well, out from your computer screens and into your eyeballs this time around.  It’s time to wake up ‘cause this is DJ FUZZBUCKET’s blog post for all you KJHK listeners-now-readers.  So for starters, number one “Yo” and number 2 “check it”.  Here’s a little about me:  I’m a senior here at KU, been a DJ at KJHK for a few semesters locking down those weekly  MONDAYS.  I, along with 4 other beat driven samurai disk jockeys host BREAKFAST FOR BEATLOVERS from 9am-N00n.  We do our best to bring you the best heart pounding bass dribbling 3 hours of piping hot and freshly served Hip-hop and electronica music to help wake you up in the blasted forsaken early hours of the day.  Each one of us has our own spins and tastes and little bits of extra flavors to season our tunes to the utmost beat perfection.  For myself, I tend to use a bit of funk to play through that nice groovyness that fits so well between hard core hip hop and the beep-to-boop-a-tronics of house (well, mostly house music).

Music I tend to listen too is a good mix of a lot of different genres except for country (any), cool rock (“Kenny ‘G’”), 80’s hair bands (“Kiss”-esque), some emo-alternative (like “Alice In Chains”, “Nickel Back”, and “Justin Beaber”), happy hard core (600bpm+), and ‘most’ forms of dubstep (“Skrillix” *shudders and gags*).

I’ve got a nice foothold into electronica with my favorite genres being electro-clash and House music (Garage, Chicago, Dark, it’s all good), and that sort of deal.  As far as hip-hop, I’m still finding my way through it, though I can say I greatly enjoy “Nerd-Core” with “MC Chris” and “MC Frontalot”.  As far as funk, well, there’s “KC and the Sunshine” Band, “P-funk”, “Earth Wind and Fire”, and quite a few others.  I also like some old school 80’s Punk with” Dead Kennedys”, “Sex Pistols”, and “Joan Jett and the Black Hearts”.



DJ FUZZBUCKET’s Current playlist:

  1. Green Velvet: La La Land
  2. Spankers: Everyone’s a DJ
  3. Top Billing: Playboy Anthem
  4. MC Chris: Discord
  5. My Robot Friend: The Fake (Zombination Remix)
  6. Icky: Ring-A-Ding Baby!
  7. Deadmau5 & Kaskade: I Remember
  8. The Mac Project & Therese: Another Love (Wideboys Mix)
  9. Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead ft. Will.i.am
  10. Elektrostar: The Future Was Yesterday

Breakfast for Beatlovers airs every weekday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.