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The Skies Revolt-Making Moves EP

Killer new music from the Syndicate record label.

The Syndicate record label generally puts out music that I dig. The Skies Revolt’s EP, Making Moves, is no exception. While it’s only 3 tracks long, each track provides a playful power. Each track also has a backing chorus of hoarse voices, making the songs play almost like an anthem, something I’ve always been a sucker for. “Green Dress; In A Sense” (track 2) is especially guilty of the classic backing chorus that I’ve come to love. “Germaine Throws It Up” sounds a lot like Muse’s hit song “Uprising” in the beginning, but as the song progresses it takes on an electronic quality, similar to that of Omaha’s The Faint. This album isn’t anything ground breaking, but definitely worth a listen.

Recommended: 1, 2, 3
RIYL: The Faint, Passion Pit, Oberhofer
Do Not Play: None

Reviewed by Katie Barrett on Oct. 30, 2012