Spence & Disco’s Heatwave

KJHK’s Hip-Hop Director and host of I-70 Independent profiles a KU hip-hop alum

By Colin Wright

While Spence resides in Austin, Texas, he is making a name for himself across the country and beyond, especially in Lawrence, where he spent his college years at KU. There isn’t much Danny Spence cannot do. The man is both behind the scenes and on the main stage when it comes to his music. He’s a rapper, producer and a DJ. He teamed up with Disco again for their newest album, Heatwave.

The song features “Zip-Loc”, which boasts one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard: “Fresh, Zip-Loc, like that, do the damn thing” will get stuck in your head after just one listen. The album has eight tracks, including freestyles from Tyga and Mac Miller songs. The finale finishes with the anthem of the album, “Ride Slow”, which talks about driving around town and being themselves.

Heatwave is unique in that it combines East and West Coast rap with a unique Midwestern twist.  The duo brings catchy beats and hooks that you can sing along to as you are driving around town.  At a time when there are a lot of hip-hop artists trying to be successful while staying true to themselves, Spence and Disco are at the top of the game.

Spence is currently living in Austin working on solo projects, although he frequently visits Lawrence. Disco is currently living in Berlin, Germany, and is also working on solo music of his own. The two of them have a European tour scheduled for 2013 alongside DJ Boogie Dan.

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