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RJD2-More Is Than Isn’t

Catchy and Creative Club Hits


Artist RJD2, (a.k.a. RJ Krohn) is no newcomer to the world of electronic music. He’s been doing this for 15 years, and that experience is evident in the quality of his music. All of his songs on this album have a unique feel. Special mention to “Behold, Numbers!” (#3) and “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” (#4), these two are catchy and creative club hits. After hearing them for the first time, I instantly wanted to just keep playing them over and over. “A Lot Of Night Ahead Of You” (#5) moves to a hypnotic and dark trance theme that makes you feel like you’re falling through endless darkness. The longest song, “Descended from Myth” (#13) is also fantastic. It’s clearly an electronica track, but it’s best friends with funk, always inviting it back into the fold. What’s really interesting are the three Suites (#’s 1, 8, and 16) which serve to bring light to a different side of RJD2, where he plays with the music in a calming and almost classical manner, basically just showing off his musical range. Don’t get me wrong though, they’re still really great to listen to, if a bit short. It’s really hard to write a review about this album without talking about how great each track is; it’s clear that RJD2 has been doing this for a while and the quality of his music shows it. This is a fantastic album.


Recommended Tracks: #3, #4, #13, #5, ALL

RIYL: Dangermouse, Pretty Lights, Ratatat, Aloe Blacc

Reviewer: Harrison Hetler