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Now accepting applications


KJHK needs one student who can go beyond basic computer use to help fix technological issues that arise, as well as develop new capabilities for the station. Position is stipended upon completion of training (one semester as ‘apprentice’ IT Director) .
Preferred qualifications 
  • Intermediate scripting and object-oriented programming skills
  • Familiarity with web frameworks (such as WordPress), and web tools (such as FTP and hosting control panels)
  • Knowledge of Linux shell commands
  • Proficiency in both Windows and Mac OSX
  • Basic familiarity with MySQL
  • A patience for the certain kind of frustration that only computer problems bring your way
  • A love of music


  • iOS or Android Development experience (Android = super bonus)
  • In a tech related major
  • A desire to experience the alternative side of a computer science education.
Email Marc Schroeder at it@kjhk.org