Fear (of) Change – 10/31

This special Halloween edition of Ad Astra Radio presents subjects of fear, change and the fear of change.

Fall is a season of constant change – the days get shorter, the days get colder, the leaves start to turn – but Fall is also the time when we gather once a year to celebrate the scary, the spooky, and the downright ghastly. In the spirit of facing our fears in the increasingly colder light of day, Ad Astra Radio decided to combine these two seasonal themes. On this episode, we give you stories about change, fear, and the fear of change.

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Open World Cause

Although change is scary, it’s often positive. KJHK Music Director Jake Waters spoke to members of Open World Cause, KU students who are working to help students in rural Nepal.


Lawrence Community Orchards

Changing seasons means changing harvests. Brendan O’Farrell reports on Lawrence’s Community Orchards.


Wonder Fair

Reporter Beth Fentress talks to Meredith Moore, curator of Wonder Fair Gallery, about this year’s Halloween-themed installation: a rester-haunt known as the Dead End Die-ner.


War of the Worlds

The most famous Halloween-related moment of radio history is, of course, Orson Welles’ broadcast of the War of the Worlds. Kalen Stockton talked to KU history professor Jonathan Earle about the landmark broadcast, and KJHK’s own relationship to the story.

Bonus: Original War of the Worlds Broadcast

Bonus: Full interview with Jonathan Earle



The idea of change can inspire a sense of fear far different from the monsters and ghouls traditional to Halloween. KJHK News Director Scott Ross presents an essay about the complex and confusing feelings connected to life changes.


Max Brooks

In the world of horror, no entity symbolizes the fear of uncontrollable change like zombies. Reporter Chrissie Noriega sat down with zombie guru Max Brooks during his recent speaking appearance at KU, to talk about the significance of this horror-film trope.


Written by Scott Ross. Tune into Ad Astra Radio the third Tuesday of every month on KJHK 90.7fm.