Sibille Attar- Sleepyhead

Unique Voice, Unique Lady

Embarking on her second solo album, Swedish born Sibille Attar delivers a bright brassy vocal tone that got me hooked. My favorite track is “Alcoholics” (track 2), maybe because all of MY friends are alcoholics. Just kidding. Or am I. Anyway, Sibillle’s Swedish accent is adorable and really shines through in this album. Yes, she has a massive lisp heard within the first minute of the first song, which originally turned me off, but she’s Swedish. Give her a break. “Julian! I Want to Be a Dancer!” (track 3) integrates hollow percussion, catchy Lily Allen-esque melodies, and samples of (what seems to be) and old time audio recording to create a tune that you’ll be singing along to, Swedish accent and all. “Juliahhhhn, I wahnt to be a daaaahnsuh!” The next song, “The Day” is a drastic change from the light hearted tone in the first three tracks. With a repetitive piano, it sounds a lot like something a high school choir student would make up while dicking around before and after class. Think: “Look guys! I learned how to play 4 chords on the piano! Let me arpeggiate them, repeat them, then add my emotion and crooning voice over it!” Not a big fan of this track. But fear not! She makes up for this piano playing later on “To Turn Half Blue” (track 6). “Some Night” (track 5) reminds me of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for some reason. Why someone has not  made one of those literal-music-videos to this yet is beyond me. I could keep going, analysing every track, connecting it to something, but I’ll spare y’all the time. Attar’s voice is unique. It sounds young and naive, and she makes it work well for her. She has an earnest and playful quality that she fortunately can’t shake, no matter the song. “Come Home” (track 7) is by far my favorite off the album. It really highlights that uniqueness of Sibille’s voice, showcasing the highs, lows, bellowing, and treble aspects.This song is a total summer jam. It has driving drums, then gets kind of spacey in the last part.

Everyone. Google an image of this women and please tell me why I have not been her for Halloween yet! Oh, and play a track off this album.


REC: 7 (!!), 2, 3

RIYL: Lune, Camera Obscura, First Aid Kit

Reviewed by Katie Barrett on 3.5.14

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