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Bob Mould–Beauty and Ruin

Solo work from member of 80s hardcore legends Husker Du

Bob Mould is better known as the vocalist for 80s hardcore legends Husker Du and 90s alternative band Sugar but he’s had quite the varied solo career over the last twenty years. Mould has experimented with everything from electronic to dance music but in 2012 Mould saw a return to the alternative rock sound he had avoided since the mid 90s with his album Silver Age. On his latest album, Beauty and Ruin, Mould finds himself in much of the same territory he did on Silver Age, focusing more on crunchy riffs and confessional lyrics rather than genre experimentation. Tracks like “I Don’t Know You Anymore” call back to the poppier side of Husker Du and can be seen as a throwback. Other tracks like “Let the Beauty Be” take a more gentle approach to the music but features a particularly emotional vocal performance from Mould. Mould’s vocals in particular have held up well over the past thirty years and he sounds just as great as ever. Check this album out if you’re a fan of Mould’s classic sound as you will not be disappointed.

Recommended if you like Husker Du, Sugar, and Superchunk

Written by Jake Waters on 6/3/14

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