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La Sera–Hour of the Dawn

Album shows that Goodman can stand on her own as a musicianLa Sera’s Katy Goodman is done wallowing about heartbreak and is ready to play in the sun. Or at least that’s the feeling she gives off on Hour of the Dawn. Each track is as upbeat as the one before and makes listeners want to head to the coast and hit the waves braaaah. Though most of the songs are still about love, Goodman makes sure to keep it uptempo and happy. It is clear that this ex-Vivian Girls member is coming into her own and discovering her sound just fine by herself. The third track on the album, Running Wild, has an intro that mirrors most of Best Coast’s but by the time the chorus hits one can tell that is no spinoff. Though La Sera is finally showing a happier side, it would be nice to have thrown in an achy heartbreak(y) ballad or two along the way. There isn’t much variation instrumentally, which would have been nice, but overall the album is solid and shows that Goodman can stand on her own as a musician.


Recommended if  you like Vivian Girls, Seapony, Frankie Rose, Bleached, and Best Coast

Written by Haven Harbert on 6/13/14

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