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Lykke Li-I Never Learn

Swedish singer songwriter Lykke Li masters the art of cathartic expressionSwedish singer songwriter Lykke Li masters the art of cathartic expression when one’s heart is broken on this luminous indie pop record. It’s a very deep, heavy, serious album. It’s beautiful and slightly depressing. That being said, it is still a pop album. It has big melodic choruses perfect for singing along to. The best example of this is the single “No Rest for the Wicked”. This track has an instant likeability and catchiness to it yet is pure poetry. “Never Gonna Love Again” is my personal favorite. Li’s voice is vulnerable and dripping with emotion. The lyrics are not only direct but finite. She basically pours her heart out in one brief swirl of lush piano and subtle percussion. “Gunshot” is yet another “upbeat” emotional piece of her heart. With lyrics referencing cancer and poison it’s not for the light hearted.  In “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone” Li lets her sadness truly shine with stripped down vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Perhaps Li’s biggest accomplishment is not coming across as weak. She has obviously loved deeply and lost but she isn’t to be pitied. This album is very well crafted and can be enjoyed even if your heart hasn’t just been smashed into a million pieces.

Recommended if you like The Xx, Bat for Lashes, and Feist

Written by Emilie Stafford on 5/31/14

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