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Thee Oh Sees—Drop

Noisy, creative, intricate, and awesomeYou know what’s a real downer? When one of your favorite bands goes on an indefinite hiatus. Usually that means that the world will be lacking their live performances and possible new music. Well, thank god that is not the case for Thee Oh Sees. Mere months ago, frontman and founder, John Dwyer, announced the band’s intended hiatus, but then recently resurfaced in the indie music scene with their new album, Drop. This album is the psychedelic garage rock band’s eighth full-length albums since their formation in 2008–though Dwyer had initially created the band as a solo project in 1997.

This album is exactly what you would expect from this lo-fi group: noisy, creative, intricate, and awesome. Many tracks are filled with cymbal and mounted tambourine crashes that help keep the beat, interesting and attention getting guitar riffs, and distant vocals that range from rough to soothing. There really isn’t a weak track. Some of my personal favorites are #1, 5, 6, 7, and 9. “Penetrating Eye” introduces this album well with elements found commonly in Thee Oh Sees songs. It also adds a sort of unity to the entirety of album. “Drop” is upbeat and probably the catchiest track found on this album. Camera (Queer Sound)” has a strong melody throughout and is instrumentally sound. “King’s Nose” begins with tune that you would hear in a song by the Beatles–you can’t go wrong there. “Savage Victory” and “The Lens” are noticeably more mellow but just as strong as the rest.

This album is very good and deserves to be played at least five times during your show–but don’t actually do that unless you want to be questioned by the radio police. If you enjoy the noisy psychedelic sound of Thee Oh Sees, then you will most likely enjoy Drop.

Recommended if you like Ty Segall and White Fence

Written by Rachel Bennett on 5/17/14

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