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The Orwells–Disgraceland

The energy just seeps out all over the place. No need for clean up.This lofi Garage rock band brings on the angst with their sophomore album, Disgraceland. They may be a typical garage rock band with their sound and techniques and even their rebellious lyrics, but they do catch my attention. The drum kit is nothing intricate, but it’s fitting for garage rock–all you need is a strong constant beat. The vocals are rough and loud. The guitars riff are fun. They might not be musically interesting but they’re catchy and that’s all that matters. The intro track, “Southern Comfort” is upbeat and fun. The energy just seeps out all over the place. No need for clean up, it’s grimy for a reason. The next song, “Righteous One,”  is where the album takes a turn for slightly interesting. First you hear a sick bass line that is consistent throughout the track, then you hear a darker side to the vocals. It almost reminds of of early Thee Oh Sees. Track four, “Bathroom Tile Blues,” has a sound reminiscent of early 50’s rock’n’roll but packed with sexual innuendos. Track five titled “Gotta Get Down” is also pretty catchy. “Who Needs You” is the single of this album and is heavily played on mainstream alternative radio but for good reason because it is one of the better tracks. “Norman” starts with punk-esque vocals but it isn’t anything too significant. The rest of the album is kind of boring to be honest. Not terrible or anything. I mean pretty much all of the tracks on this album are solid and worth a try. The lyrics switch from humorous like “From the east coast to the west we aren’t the worse we aren’t the best” to very serious with “My dad’s got a 12-gauge, I hope I don’t find it.” The themes are found in the struggles of growing up in a shitty society and wanting to be rockstars. I’d suggest you check it out.

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Reviewed by Rachel Bennett on 6/20/14