Malcious Intent

That’s right. After a brief absence, the program is back!

malintHey all! CJ here.

If you’ve been listening to KJHK over the last month or so and you noticed a sudden influx of heavy tunes from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. every Saturday, it’s because the Norse gods have been good to us and have allowed Malicious Intent to reign in supreme brutality for two hours every week once more.

I wanted to take some time to describe my aims with the program and why you hear what you hear when I’m on the air. I’ve been an avid metal fan since I was a wee lad, and moved into the more extreme realm of its existence during middle school. I guess I’ve never really looked back, and while I’ve certainly branched out to other genres since that time, I still barrage my ears with buzzsaw riffing, blistering solos and machine-gun drumming 80% of the time.

I was asked to host the program by a good friend who knew my familiarity with the genre well and I’m thrilled to be a part of your KJHK experience once a week. If you caught my review of The Contortionist’s new album, you’ll also find me submitting content to the website quite regularly, as well!

As far as Malicious Intent goes, my goal from the beginning was to represent the genre of metal in the same way that I listen to it: all of its sub-genres capture my attention in some way or another, so what you hear is a reflection of that. We’re currently building our metal collection in the station based upon what I can bring in every week, so if you ever have a request rest assured that I will play it during the next week’s show if I wasn’t able to fulfill that request on air. I really encourage these requests because it helps me understand what YOU want to hear! So far, we’ve been leaning towards tech death pretty heavily, but there are definitely possibilities to branch out. If you want more old as opposed to new, or think a certain sub-genre is underrepresented, I encourage you to let me know.

As a hobbyist musician, I know that what I appreciate about the genre of metal most is its relation to classical, jazz, blues and rock in its arrangements. There are so many talented artists out there who are attempting to reshape music as we know it, and I believe that comes from the ability to take so many influences to an extreme and abstract fruition. That makes my time as the host of Malicious Intent that much more enjoyable, and I’m sure you’ve got your reasons for tuning in, as well.

Each week my submitted content will take on a different format. You’ve already seen an album review, but keep checking back for my personal rotation lists, genre analysis and possible interviews. While on air, I always try my best to talk a little bit about the bands, as well. My hope is to grow with the program – hopefully you’ll tune in for that journey!

Lots of folks are just as excited as I am that Malicious Intent is back, but just in case you didn’t already know: the show runs every Saturday night from 10 p.m. – 12 a.m.  You can tune in at KJHK 90.7 FM or listen online at!

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