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If I had a twin, would I make amazing music like Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz?

But they’re more than just twins. Lisa- Kainde and Naomi Diaz collectively form Ibeyi. They make music for their ancestors in their own special sound that is something around the area of experimental R&B. The twins’ music carries an ominous and theatrical presence with prominent soul and electronic inspiration. Though they were raised in Cuba, the sisters are both fluent in not only Spanish, but also French, but they sing mainly in English and Yoruba (one of many languages spoken in Nigeria). The Yoruba traditions and religion passed down from slaves brought to Cuba are very integral to Ibeyi’s music and also the culture of modern day Cuba and other countries throughout the Caribbean. Tradition seems to play a large part in their lives; they are the daughters of  late celebrated Jazz percussionists Anga Diaz, and the two incorporate the cajon; his signature instrument, in their songs. A listen to the sisters’ first EP Oya can attest to the various influences their music carries but you could also just watch their cover of Jay Electronica’s “Better in Tune With the Infinite”. They covered JAY ELECTRONICA. What more proof do you need?

Ibeyi plan to release their self- titled debut album some time in 2015. I’m confident with their first album they will cement their status as the new age super world music twins they appear to be.

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