Aero Flynn: Aero Flynn

twistFor those of you have, over the past seven years, become avid followers of the Justin Vernon movement (because truly, that man is a movement), REJOICE! His gentle, encompassing touch has helped bring yet another wonderful piece of art into existence; “Aero Flynn” is the brain child of Josh Scott, an early member of the Wisconsin music scene that created Bon Iver.

Good ol’ Justin Vernon produced the album and recruited members of Bon Iver to record it for Josh, with Josh. The relationships between all of these musicians appear to be complicated, massively intertwined and wholly intriguing, yet shrouded in mystery. Christopher Porterfield, another early member of projects with Vernon, like DeYarmond Edison, said this of Josh in a beautifully written introduction to the album: “Josh Scott is a disruption. He is as reliable as the wind. He is an earthquake. He is a drought. He is a thirty-year flood. He is my best friend.”

Let’s dive into the music. Aero Flynn is an album of depths and heights. It soared, scooped me up into darkness, and left me more curious about the origins of it’s construction than an album has in a long, long time. It’s an album that the attentive ear can tell a soul has been poured into. Aero Flynn can best be described as an ethereal, electronically tinged indie rock album that constantly becomes more brave, yet also more withdrawn. I cannot emphasize enough the sheer amount of soul and emotion that is existent. It’s minimalist and sparse, yet driven with encompassing crescendos and decrescendos, moving along with a drive that so, so many albums fall short of.

There are subtle influences of Justin Vernon’s distinct musicality in this album, appearing in the form of backup vocals, guitar melodies, overall production, and at times, the melodies and presence of the synth. But Josh Scott has distinguished himself as his own musician with a most important contribution: his pain, concentration, and story. Unfortunately, this album may stay shrouded in mystery for the rest of it’s days. I wish it weren’t so. Such a piece of someone’s soul should be cared for and lovingly cradled by the masses.

Recommended If You Like: The Killers, Torres, Bon Iver, DeYarmond Edison
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Plates2), 3 (Dk/Pi), 4 (Crisp), 5 (Tree)
Do Not Play: none
Written by Kayci Lineberger on 05/01/2015

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