Elvis Depressedly: New Alhambra

61oa8af0ahL._SY300Elvis Depressedly can only be described as an ambient guitar pop band with a large amount of texture and rich layers that draw listeners in. Much like Alex G, this band is quite prolific with the huge amount of bandcamp releases.

Though New Alhambra is the seventh release, it does not falter. As the title of the artist suggests, their sound is tinged with sadness even though this album is much more optimistic than previous work with the closing statement, “if you try I will try/ when we f*** up it’s alright/ there is always more to life/ than all these wastes of time.” There are consistent religious themes as well as themes about rebirth, overcoming, and being better. This album is full of emotion and expression that is exhibited though simple guitar chords, interesting samples, and ambient loops.

This is such a great album that mixes Elliot Smith with Alex G and Youth Lagoon, which are all favorites. Play a mellow track from this album whenever you want to feel nostalgic or when you aren’t and just want to look forward.

Recommended If You Like: Alex G., Coma Cinema, Youth Lagoon, Elliot Smith
Recommended Tracks: 7 (Ease), 2 (N.M.S.S), 6 (Big Break), 8 (New Heaven, new Earth)
Do Not Play: 9 (Wastes of Time)
Written by Rachel Bennett on 05/13/2015