Nosaj Thing: Fated

stream-nosaj-things-new-album-fated-300x300Fated is Jason Chung’s 3rd release as Nosaj Thing (Jason is Nosaj forwards. Clever ya?). Chung has incredible ability to stand alone as an electronic artist, as proof from the high level of creativity and experimental musical intuition of all 3 of his albums, especially Fated. But he still has an impressive track record outside of LP’s. He’s produced notable tracks from artists like Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Busdriver, and has a huge collection of dope remixes.

This LP is one that’s best absorbed through a straight listen. There are stand alone tracks, such as Cold Stares, Don’t Mind Me, or Phase IV, but the encompassing qualities of this glitchy, mellow, gently rising and falling electro hip-hop album are worth the hour plus to just sit down and enjoy. It’s atmospheric, but grounded enough to never lose your attention.

My favorite track, Cold Stares, features Chance The Rapper and Maceo Haymes. Chance does his thing, you know, the rap thing, and he does it well. It’s not just because of his Lord of The Rings reference that I love this song. It’s a balance of mellow and hard hitting that hits you just right.

This whole album is though. It dances around your earholes with the lightest feet, but it still carries enough depth to keep you intrigued and movin’.

Recommended If You Like: Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Com Truise, Baths

Recommended Tracks: 6 (Watch), 5 (Cold Stares; f-yea, Chance!), 1 (Sci), 8 (Let You), 2 (Don’t Mind Me), 14 (Light #5)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Kayci Lineberger on 06/22/2015

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