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Sam Davis discusses Kansas Basketball’s recent exhibition games with Canada and the upcoming World University Games. Follow @SamDavisKU and @KJHKsports on Twitter for more updates and information.

Team USA’s Schedule – World University Games

  • Thursday, July 2nd – USA vs China, exhibition
  • Friday, July 3rd – USA vs Turkey, 10 p.m. central
  • Sunday, July 5th – USA vs Brazil, 6:30 a.m. central
  • Tuesday, July 7th – USA vs Chile, 12:30 a.m. central
  • Tuesday, July 7th – USA vs Serbia, 10 p.m. central
  • Wednesday, July 8th – USA vs Switzerland 8 p.m. central
  • July 10th-13th – BRACKET PLAY



Frank Mason – played 67 minutes

The good: Frank became a rich man at the line by shooting a perfect 14 for 14 in the two exhibition games. This is great news considering his “drive it inside, get hacked” style. He averaged 22 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals per game this week and when on the floor, which is essentially all the time, he becomes part of every point scored.

The bad: Mason played a heaping serving of minutes and recorded six turnovers this week. Frank still isn’t quite comfortable with the three-ball yet and he could possibly prevent Perry Ellis from winning Big 12 Player of the Year.

Wayne Selden – 60 minutes

The good: Selden averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists per game this week and will almost assuredly have a better season than his previous two. Wayne seems to have gained some confidence handling the basketball and if he doesn’t hit a deep three or take the ball inside for a jam he’s going to make an impressive no-look pass for the assist.

The bad: He recorded four fouls in game one and three in game two. Selden’s aggressiveness is great but not when it results in points for the other team or when it removes him from the game and exposes Team USA’s lack of depth.

Nic Moore – played 57 minutes

The good: Moore has been a more-than-capable replacement for the injured Devonte Graham. Nic has top-notch defensive talents and a very natural ability to see and manage the floor. He shot a perfect 6 for 6 from the line this week.

The bad: He seems a bit shy about making his own plays and takes some bad shots. Moore only made 24% of his attempts from the floor.

Perry Ellis – played 54 minutes

The good: Ellis has grown a beard in the offseason and has shown slightly more confidence and assertiveness. His patented spin move that is able to effectively score points and draw fouls led him to a line of 18 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, and 1 assist per game this week.

The bad: It isn’t too much to ask for more from a player with this much experience – Ellis should be a 25, 10, and 5 guy every night. Perry clearly has a lot of room to add some aggression and a more-physical element to his game as he only recorded one personal foul this week.

Jamari Traylor – played 42 minutes

The good: Jamari has been able to energize the crowd as well as his teammates with a nice set of thunderous blocks and dunks. Traylor recorded a quiet double-double along with four blocks in game one.

The bad: Traylor doesn’t show the athleticism you would expect from someone of his size and weight. His shot accuracy seems a bit too low when you consider his average shot distance.

LaGerald Vick – played 27 minutes

The good: Vick has a good looking jump shot and not a bad smile either. His transition game is strong and showed during a memorable steal, fast-break, and lay-in play during game two.

The bad: LaGerald clearly struggles on both ends of the floor. He would step out of bounds on one possession and air-ball a jumper on the next. Vick committed some bad fouls and has shown essentially no ability to defend a moving ball handler.

Carlton Bragg – played 26 minutes

The good: This kid is incredibly fun to watch and will play an important role as a stretch-forward with the Jayhawks. Bragg is an active defender that can keep the ball away from the basket and went on a roll as he recorded three steals in only thirteen minutes played during game one.

The bad: Carlton took a few too many shots for how he was performing making only 38% of his attempts. He shows great potential all over the floor but can’t seem to get it all together.

Hunter Mickelson – played 22 minutes

The good: Hunter brought the energy and fueled the run that let to Team USA’s victory in game two. He is showing a lot of hustle and is becoming a part of big plays. Mickelson can get you some extra possessions with blocks, steals, or by ripping down a big rebound.

The bad: Mickelson is now in his senior year and will never become more than an off-the-bench role player. Also, the guy can’t score unless he’s under the hoop

Landen Lucas – played 20 minutes

The good: Lucas will always be one of the bigger bodies on the floor and can usually be counted on to force a couple more turnovers than he will commit himself.

The bad: Landen has no ability to score outside the painted area and only made one of eight inside of it this week. The big man showed little to no energy out on the floor and it resulted in only twenty minutes played.

Julian DeBose – played 18 minutes

The good: Julian is able to step-in when called upon and shows some nice skills in transition. He made two out of two free throws at the line.

The bad: DeBose only made two of eight shots from the floor and looks lost when Team USA is running plays.

Evan Manning – played 5 minutes

The good: Manning has clearly become a strong vocal leader for his team both before and throughout the game. Evan was also able to nab a noticeable rebound during his brief stint on the floor.

The bad: He committed two turnovers and two fouls in only five minutes played against Team Canada. This was somehow worse than Tyler Self’s performance.

Tyler Self – played 2 minutes

The good: Tyler is consistent, performs as expected, and no longer has a mustache.

The bad: His dad threw him into the game during a struggling time and he decided to contribute a missed-shot to the scoring drought.