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Ezra Furman: Perpetual Motion People

ezra-furman-perpetual-motion-people-300x300Let me get straight to the point: this album is good and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except not listen to it I guess, but that’s just silly. This album gives a ‘50s spin on indie rock and the result is just delightful; I was surprised by how much I liked this album. Consequence Of Sound called it “a ball of energy, bouncing around genre borders with glee. There’s the rebellion of ‘90s indie rock, a string of sunshine-y ‘80s pop, and the snarl of ‘70s punk.”

This is a modern sounding album injected with some good ol rock ‘n roll. Note: The map on the inside cover, with the list of songs and addresses is real map with real places in Chicago. It would be really cool to actually go to those places and listen to each track!

Recommended If You Like: Vampire Weekend, The Fratellis, Ty Segall, Langhorne Slim, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ben Kweller

Recommended Tracks: 8 (Tip of a Match), 11 (Pot Holes), 1 (Restless Year), 3 (Hark! to the Music), 2 (Lousy Connection)

Do Not Play: DNP: None (clean versions of the dirty songs)

Written by Paul Kline on 07/07/2015