The Delta Saints: Bones


3159118_optThe Delta Saints took a holistic approach while crafting bones. They keyed in on their Southern roots while remaining themselves. Instead of producing a few hits they put together a fully diversified album. It’s a step in the right direction for their third album (along with two EPs).

Many songs contain instrumental and rhythmic layering, to the point that it takes a few play throughs to dissect. Louisiana product and lead singer, Ben Ringel, preaches through the usage of his pipes. Depending on the song his voice can sound soulful, slightly country or somewhere in between. The guitar riffs are potent in “Dust” and “Sometimes I Worry.” The title track “Bones” contains some worthwhile synth/organ undertones. While “Zydeco” is emblematic of the sound they are aiming for.

Run Bones a few times, focusing on different aspects each run through. This is definitely a niche sound with most of the blues and psychedelic facets weaved into the instrumentals. The vocals are not a deterrence, just something to adjust to. Find the song(s) that fulfills your personal desire and roll with it.

Recommended If You Like: White Denim, Vintage Trouble, Jack White, My Morning Jacket

Recommended Tracks: Sometimes I Worry (1), Zydeco (4), Bones (2), My Love (7), Dust (6)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Colin Smith on 09/01/2015

KJHK 90.7 FM