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Beach House: Depression Cherry

beachhouse_sq-73faed6c2ff32e823d28aed939d08b5043ce8565-s300-c85Beach House’s fifth full-length release starts with a slow build that climaxes into a powerful ballad in an untraditional sense. While keeping the same tone throughout, the content of this album waves in and out of rich imagery and complex emotions.

Known for their rich layers and interesting arrangements, Beach House does not disappoint with Depression Cherry. Each song creates a feeling of a dream like trance, but this time with less percussion and even more synths.

If you’re into sweeping vocals and calming melodies, this is a great fit. The entire album is perfect for the autumn weather we will be having soon. For its on air presence, there are definitely a few tracks to highlight; but as a whole, this album flows so perfectly that it deserves to be listened to uninterrupted during a free moment either before bed or perhaps on a nice walk.

Recommended If You Like: Blouse, Twin Sister, mbv, M83, Youth Lagoon

Recommended Tracks: 3 (Space Song), 7 (Wildflower), 2 (Sparks), 8 (Bluebird)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Rachel Bennett on 09/02/15

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