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Concert Review: Albert Hammond Jr.

A vibrant Albert Hammond Jr. rocked The Bottleneck stage Sunday, September 13 for an intimate set in front of a yearning Lawrence crowd. This man has been known for his style and tonight was no different. He took the stage dressed in all black while the rest of his members were in white, head to toe.

Albert Hammond Jr.The legendary rhythm guitarist and keyboardist of The Strokes took lead man responsibilities like a champ while playing a diverse set list spanning his entire discography. Hammond Jr.’s solo work, much like The Strokes, translated really well to a live performance. Hammond Jr. kept the crowd bouncing and vibing for just under an hour and a half. He included in his set ‘In Transit’ off his 2006 album, Yours to Keep, his biggest hit, ‘St. Justice,’ off of his career changing EP, and as well as his latest singles, ‘Side Boob’ and ‘Born Slippy’ off Momentary Masters.

Hammond Jr. was tireless on stage, consistently getting the crowd involved and making sly jokes between song breaks. At one point he even got down from the stage and did a lap around the entire crowd, proving that he is as energetic and passionate as ever about his new music.

Hammond Jr.’s music performs like you’ve heard it before even if you haven’t. The guitar riffs were often simple yet dynamic with the occasional solo—all of which felt so right as the notes penetrated through your ears and slid down your spine. You cannot deny this legends catchy alt-pop.