Barrel Maker and LIONOriginality is crucial when embarking on freshly-formed musical ambitions and LION manages this gracefully. A production style with roots, his beats feature a wide variety of magnificent 808’s and hi-hats that encompass all of the listeners attention. This makes the partnership with local artist Barrel Maker great for LION considering Barrel Maker’s easily digestible lyrics and wordplay.

With any EP it is often difficult to completely absorb and understand an artist’s style, however, after listening to Continuity a few main conclusions about the artists arise. Barrel Maker has obvious potential and partnering with LION will only aid this. The producer’s touch gives this EP its original sound and quality as Barrel Maker’s talent is coupled by the angelic and expansive production of Lawrence’s own LION.

Recommended If You Like: Flume, Odesza

Recommended Tracks: 4 (Epiphany), 5 (Continuity)

Do Not Play: 1 (LIONMAKER), 2 (Too Soon), 3 (Back to the Soul), 5 (Epiphany)

Written by Sam Kulikov on 11/23/15