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Off The Mic: Cody Boston

Off The Mic

Cody Boston

Cody Boston KJHKExec Position: Multimedia Director
DJ Shift: Live @ KJHK, Thursdays at 7pm
DJ Name: DJ Boston
Major: Film and Media Studies
Minor: Creative Writing and Business
Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Lost
Favorite Color: Green (right now)
Hobbies: Hanging out with my girlfriend lately, enjoying live music

Cody Boston KJHKMason Kilpatrick: When did you join KJHK and why did you join?
Cody Boston: I joined last year! In 2014, I was a Multimedia Producer. My friend Sam Snead was part of the station and he always talked about it. KJ sounded so awesome. So I joined and low and behold, it was.


MK: Do you have any favorite memories or experiences with KJHK?
CB: Probably the late night dinners at Perkins.

MK: Can you elaborate on that? Why is that a KJHK memory?
CB: After the first Farmers’ Ball I was a part of (Spring 2014), the KJHK Multimedia crew went to eat at Perkins after a long night of intense video work and great music. It was a really great time and is now tradition.

Cody Boston KJHKMK: What is the first ever album that you bought?
It was “Congratulations” by MGMT. I really liked “Oracular Spectacular.”
MK: I loved “Congratulations” myself.
CB: Yeah, the album gets a lot of flak but I still found a lot of stuff I liked on that album.
MK: So then who are some of your favorite artists?
CB: BadBadNotGood! I hope I am saying this right, but Nujabes?
MK: Yeah, I know who you are talking about.
CB: He is awesome! I also like Mac Demarco and Toughies. Because of Live @ KJHK, I have really gotten into a lot of local acts. CS Luxem, Your Friend, and more…all really great stuff.

MK: Can you go into detail about what you do specifically as the Multimedia Director at KJHK?
CB: As Multimedia Director, I book bands for Live @ KJHK. I book entire semester’s worth of music for the show. Live @ KJHK is 7pm, every Thursday. So it is a weekly thing. I also oversee a staff who record these sessions and post them online, along with other videos we release.
MK: It sounds like you do a lot.
CB: Yep.
MK: Do you know what you would be doing with your life right now if you weren’t doing KJHK?
CB: Nothing productive. (Laughs)

MK: So Cody, what is your biggest fear?
CB: I guess it is getting to the end of life and realizing that I didn’t do everything that I wanted to do. And not really doing what I want to do. I really want to make the people I care about happy.
MK: What does that stem from?
CB: I just feel that I have been given a lot of opportunities in my life and I have been struggling to live up to them. In a reasonable way, though. Like I know I am not going to be president or anything like that.
MK: Okay, okay.
CB: It is just really making people I care about happy.

Cody Boston KJHKMK: What jobs did you have before KJHK?
I did a few freelance video gigs. I filmed for a local life coach and worked on some local feature films that were a lot of fun.
MK: Could you ever be a life coach?
CB: No. I don’t know why anyone would listen to me.
MK: If you had to be a life coach, what would you talk about? How would you motivate people?
CB: I feel like I would be better at talking to people who are feeling down and letting them know their shortcomings aren’t the end of the world. That is what makes them who they are.
MK: What are some shortcomings that you used to harp on but come to terms with?
CB: The fear of not living up to the opportunities I have been given. I also used to feel bad for not being ambitious enough. KJHK has helped me with tapping into my ambition.
MK: How does it help you?
CB: I was put into a position of responsibility. That has really motivated me to get my stuff together. I have to meet deadlines and I have fun doing it. And I realized I am better at what I do than what I gave myself credit for.
MK: Mental health is something that is crucial but is never talked about.
CB: Yeah, that conversation is always skirted around.
MK: What advice do you have for anyone who is trying to get over their perceived shortcomings?
CB: Don’t take the people in your life for granted. There are a lot of people who care about you and you will not think about them all the time because they are not present. People care about you because you are awesome.

MK: I dig it. Last question with an Off The Mic staple, what is your quest?
CB: Capture all of the Dragon Balls or Pokemon. Whichever comes first.