Stories of Body Empowerment and the Apocalypse

The Reading Series is off to a hot start this Spring semester of 2016. Airing on Mondays at 7PM, various guests come onto the show to read or discuss their personal work. Here is a collection of segments gathered from the previous two weeks of The Reading Series (1/25, 2/1).

Tim Lantz

Writer Tim Lantz reads and discusses a cross-genre piece that imagines a world where language works in a fundamentally different way.

Kate Russell

PhD candidate and recent winner of the Langston Hughes Award for Creative Writing, Kate Russell, reads an excerpt from her recently published story Loup.

Tyler Sherman

Poet and KU grad student Tyler Sherman reads and discusses sections from a long poem about a post-apocalytic world in which mold reigns supreme.

Rebekah Taussig

Creative non-fiction author Rebekah Taussig reads an excerpt of her moving personal essay on bodies, disability, objectification, and Jessica Rabbit.

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