Good Morning Glory EPFrom Melbourne, Good Morning is Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons. The Solitaire duo toured the States for the first time this past October for CMJ Music Marathon in New York City.

“We’ve been on personal holidays here before but not as a band” said Blair last fall. Read KJHK’s interview with the band from CMJ here.

The EP’s opener, “Overslept,” is a juxtaposition of light and dark incorporating dreary-eyed bedroom pop and ominous chord progressions with waning, reverberating vocals that steep to a warped, Radiohead-like arrangement. One of Glory’s best tracks and the EP’s second, “Cab Deg,” is a catalyst in the six-song set list with bright and playful guitar. The track’s dainty melody sticks and leaves you longing for ultra-violent company. “Cab Deb” and “To Be Won” are the EP’s two singles.

“To Be Won” is a stripped down, melancholic track fit for a Pedro The Lion record that temporarily strands and suspends the listener to later reassure them with soulful keys and wavering guitar. This EP listens like an LP with smooth, track-to-track tradeoffs—none better than “To Be Won” into “Give Me Something To Do.” Adorned with sensuous saxophones, “Give Me Something To Do” is Blair and Parsons’ voices brush stroking atop a tinged, nebulous instrumental foundation of guitar, drums and minimal production.

Next, “The Great Start” dances about slowly and is one of Glory’s best tracks vocally and lyrically speaking. The last track, “In The Way,” starts cheerily then swirls and fades before taking a short, interstellar hiatus into nothingness past the one minute mark eventually straightening back out into steady, sun-dazed rock and pleading vocals. As a whole, the earnest, lo-fi nature of Glory speaks to its nostalgic sincerity.

Recommended If You Like: Mac Demarco, Pedro The Lion, Chad VanGaalen, Fourth Of July

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Overslept), 2 (Cab Deg), 4 (Give Me Something To Do)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Harrison Hipp 03/05/16

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