Get Your YOGA on Lawrence

IMG_6252  The Wednesday before spring break here at KU my roommate and I traveled the short distance to Vermont street to the Lawrence Public Library. Where like clockwork every Wednesday at 5:30-6:30pm there is a yoga class taught by instructor Sarah who has been a yoga instructor for 3 years, practicing for over 15, and doing meditation for about 5 years now.

Sarah believes that everyone should have the opportunity to attend yoga as she explains how it helps her in the way it “Quiets my mind” and when “I’m really really busy during the day. So it’s really kinda hard to shut everything down and if I were to have yoga as a teen I think it would have been transformative.” This is the very reason she voluntarily teaches the class and wants to get more teens involved. She was originally inspired to take on yoga because at KU she had the opportunity to take a yoga class at the Ambler Recreational Center.IMG_6255

The class itself held a variety of people from all around Lawrence. Including one woman using a chair which shows you anyone can get involved. On this specific  day though a woman from corporate Sprouts  (grocery store)  gave out goodie bags and entered everyone who had attended the event into a raffle.

Everyone doing Yoga seemed at peace and did what felt comfortable modifying at each point neIMG_6242cessary. The instructor was great and really seemed to develop a flow eventually ending us in child’s pose with the lights completely out. The entire experience proved how personal Yoga can be and the variety of events Lawrence has to offer.


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