Miss Amanda’s Daring Drag Show

On March 24, Miss Amanda’s Daring Drag Show made its way to the Jackpot Music Hall.

The room was filled with a great amount of diversity including people of all different ages, genders, sexual identities, and racMiss Amandaes. As the show started, Miss Amanda took the stage and projected her vibrant personality onto the audience and myself. She was so funny, I had to take a picture. I simply smile and tell her it’s only because she is so beautiful as she strikes a couple poses for me.  She begins cracking these outrageous jokes one after another and is such a big personality the audience can’t help but to warm up and start laughing.

As Miss Amanda leaves the stage the performers file one by one after the other for their set-lists. Each dressed to the nines, the ladies lip sync whatever moves them and dance to the beat confidently. The show was a crazy mix of people dancing, shouting, singing, and having an absolutely hilarious time. The energy was contagious, and soon enough I found myself in front ofFinal Image 2 the stage dancing with Madame Lawrence as the crowd cheered. Miss Amanda’s show was made up of all drag queens and one drag king (with facial hair I think any man would admire).

I left this event feeling exhilarated and honestly, completely laughed out. I have never had so much fun on a Thursday night, and you better believe that I’ll be going back.

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