Sparking an interest in technology

Spark Hour of CodeA few Saturdays ago, KJHK had the wonderful chance to interview Alita Joseph and Rabel Marte from Spark. Spark is a newly created student organization that is very passionate about showing the beauty of technology to K-12 students within Lawrence, Kansas.

KJHK found out about Spark from Applied Sciences Coordinator, Erick Oduniyi.  Spark caught Erick’s attention through the many flyers posted around the KU Engineering Complex. Rabel, founder of Spark, also shared a class with Erick.

Joseph, AlitaRabel and Alita are two enthusiastic engineering students championing STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, as they are convinced that interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming even more important in shaping our collective future. In the interview, Rabel and Alita discuss Spark’s role in such interdisciplinary collaboration. The two also detail their respective journeys as humans, engineering students, and the hopes of getting Spark to become a community recognized organization.


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