Frankie Cosmos: Next Thing

Frankie CosmosFrankie Cosmos, otherwise known as Greta Kline, is a “pop miniaturist” as far as Pitchfork is concerned. Her newest LP, Next Thing, runs only 28 minutes and features 15 songs. Kline’s songs feel like tiny snippets of diary entries and poems. Her minimalist approach to length doesn’t actually inhibit her content as the songs are both sprawling and concise.

The sheer quantity of releases made available on her Bandcamp page is something and they all have the same tags: blues, dog, sounds, quiet, sad, secret, stupid, and New York. This is a collection of terms that seem to fit her releases well. The songs seem to come with the embarrassed nod of a young artist.

The topics covered on Next Thing are often nothing less mundane than talking about her dog, but that doesn’t lessen the value whatsoever. The final, standout track, “O Dreaded C Town,” simply discusses the negative feelings that an area can bring following the end of a relationship. Frankie Cosmos brings a unique and innovative side to what indie rock can be on a quiet scale.

Recommended If You Like: Porches, Girlpool

Recommended Tracks: 5 (Too Dark), 9 (On The Lips), 10 (Sinister), 12 (Outside With the Cuties), 13 (Sappho), 15 (O Dreaded C Town)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Mallory McFall on 04/21/16

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