M83Junk, the new album by M83, begins with the song “Do it, Try it” which immediately captures your attention with its unique and almost electric sounding voice backed up by an interesting, underling synth. As the song continues, the voice becomes warped as if it was a whammy bar; a successful creative choice. The second track, “Go,” featuring Mai Lan, carries the theme of before but starts slowly and progresses into a successfully head-bobbing chorus. It then leads in from the bridge back into the chorus with a killer lead guitar part riffing all throughout.

“Walkway Blues,” featuring Jordan Lawlor, was next to follow. It’s a definite slow down but could be the catchiest on Junk. M83 carries this style throughout the entire album and keeps the same energy level until “Moon Crystal,” where he creates a bit of a ’70s roller skating rink feel.

Following “Moon Crystal” is a series of slower songs, alternating from beats to straight piano and voice with the soft kit. “Solitude” may leave the listener confused as to what the group was going for within the album. There was already so much variety but then the artist decided to add a string ensemble which messed with the feel of the whole album. The album gets back on track once it reaches “Road Blaster,” a personal favorite. Unexpectedly, the vibe slows down after this with both “Tension,” and then “Atlantique Sud,” showcasing Mai Lan once again. Junk carried a ton of variety so if that’s what you are looking for then this is the album for you. It achieves a medium energy level but it’s definitely something you can groove with.

Recommended If You Like: The Naked and the Famous, Tycho, Miike Snow

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Do It, Try It), 2 (Go), 3 (Walkway Blues)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Brian Locascio on 04/25/16

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