In Letter Form: Fracture. Repair. Repeat.

in-letter-form_optThis four-person all-male Bay Area outfit is an 80s revival band, but with a very specific corpse to revive: that of the original goth/horror punk sound. If you put Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, & Bauhaus into a blender, the result would be Fracture. Repair. Repeat. This debut album so faithfully reproduces this specific sound that it isn’t entirely clear that they’ve added anything new to it.

Vocals range from Ian Curtis of Joy Division to Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy. Doomy bass and clangy guitar accompany. “Terror (Is a State of Mind)” could be off a lost Sisters of Mercy EP, and Reflecting the Rain clearly took hefty cues from Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”.

If you can’t get enough of dark post-punk circa 1978-1982, this album will fill that need.

Recommended If You Like: Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Dinner, The Cure, Interpol
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Wait Now), 10 (Reflecting the Rain), 5 (Terror (Is a State of Mind)), 8 (111), 6 (High Line)
Do Not Play: none
Written by The Czech on 08/02/2016