Pollyn: Distress Signals

1456171928_optPollyn is a LA-based trio that has been around since 1998 but has only managed to squeeze out three albums in that time. We are now confronted with their third effort, Distress Signals. Pollyn serves us a poppy, catchy IDM brew dosed with moody darkness. Vocals are cute and basic, as are the lyrics. Beats range from 90s electronica to older new wave synth sounds. Some of the tracks can get quite catchy, and some would be effective dancefloor fodder (“Don’t You Want My Love,” “Broken Record,” “Liars, Cheaters”). Others are creepier, such as “Dark Tokyo”. Distress Signals doesn’t go deep, but it provides solid, polished, catchy tracks that almost anyone could bob their head to.

Recommended If You Like: Chillwave, Chrissy & Hawley, Junior Boys, Chairlift, Gorillaz
Recommended Tracks: 9 (More Wanting), 1 (Don’t You Want My Love), 3 (Dark Tokyo), 5 (Liars, Cheaters), 8 (Broken Record), 4 (Distress Signals)
Do Not Play: none
Written by The Czech on 08/02/2016