NAVVI-OmniSeattle’s underrated electronic music scene has produced another notable, young act: NAVVI. NAVVI is Kristin Henry on vocals and Brad Boettger on production. Omni is their debut album, and is quite a slick, cohesive and original one at that.

Floating somewhere between chillwave and witch house, you’ll find depressive, breathy vocals, brooding synth beats, and electronic flourishes from the shimmering to the eerie. The extra-low register bass comes and goes, speeds up and slows down, creating an emotional journey that keeps the album from slipping into trite predictability. Some tracks are almost danceable, others more atmospheric. Enjoy while driving, studying or chillaxing.

Recommended If You Like: Chairlift, Britta Philips, Purity Ring, Phantogram, Grimes
Recommended Tracks: 6 (In Gold), 5 (What Reason Do We Need?), 1 (Simpatico), 2 (Close), 9 (Sol), try any!
Do Not Play: none
Written by The Czech on 08/13/2016