Whitney: Light Upon The Lake

whitneyWhitney’s debut album sounds like a dusty phoenix. The duo of former Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra members have joined forces to record an album of windy indie rock. Light Upon The Lake opens with a flourish of brass and electric piano, which sets pace for an album of dusty powerpop tunes. “No Woman” jangles along like a train, touched with distant guitars, reedy strings, and Julien Ehrlich’s croony falsetto. Truly an anthem for long rides across the midwestern plains. “The Falls” and “Golden Days” and “Dave’s Song” roll along with powerpop chimes a la Big Star complete with 70s folk rock touches. Title track “Light Upon The Lake” is a touching, quiet number akin to a night in the big sky country. “No Matter Where We Go”, a sunny tune about driving with windows down, could have been a Buffalo Springfield tune. The album winds down with “On My Own”, “Polly”, and the instrumental “Red Moon”. They’re quieter tunes that settle into a soulful americana affair, recalling smokey 70s albums like Neil Young’s Harvest and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. “Follow” closes out the short but sweet debut with a great blend of country touches with indierock songwriting.

Recommended If You Like: Smith Westerns, Big Star, Badfinger, Girls, Unknown Mortal Orchestral
Recommended Tracks: 1 (No Woman), 5 (Light Upon The Lake), 7 (On My Own), 10 (Follow)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Doug Bybee on 08/30/2016