The ability to mix darker toned lyrics with upbeat instrumentals, this delicate balance is what makes them so enigmatic and interesting.

The Heirs: Ecliptic

theheirs2-300x300The Heirs are an indie electronic pop band from Los Angeles, California. Brandon and Savannah Hudson are the lead singers of the band and they are also brother and sister. I was thoroughly impressed with Ecliptic by The Heirs. While sifting through the countless albums on the table, The Heirs’ album cover stuck out to me. There was something enigmatic and inviting with how the album art and color scheme were put together. The different shades of violet within the album art communicated a sense of royalty which totally matched their band name. When I listened to the first song on the album, “Alright Goodnight”, I envisioned this song being played in a multitude of clothing stores. An interesting thing about this song is that the music alone sounded very lighthearted and upbeat; but after closer examination of the lyrics it was revealed that the song had a more serious tone:

“ You’re shakin’ hands with demons makin’ deals in the dark.

Try to run and hide in the daylight, but you won’t get too far.

You’re sellin’ your soul to the highest bidder”

“Alright Goodnight” is definitely one of those songs that forces you to look past the music to examine the lyrics. I liked that The Heirs took a risk with this track.

In complete and utter honesty, I felt that the title song “Ecliptic” was the most disappointing song on the album. It had a very generic pop sound with a simple drum line in the background. It seemed to lack the originality of the first song. That being said, I do feel that it’s a very chill song but it’s more of a song that should be played in the background. “Cash Flow” is literally my favorite song on the album. It has the auditory effect of floating on top of sugar filled peach colored clouds. This song is definitely designed to wake you up in the morning so that you can start your day off on a positive note. The last song on Ecliptic, “Lies” is hypnotic. It is definitely a song that could be played continuously.

“You tell me lies, tell me lies, you do it right

It’s what I like, It’s what I like

You make it sound so good, make it sound so—“

The lyrics combined with the synthesizers create an ethereal harmony. The Heirs in my opinion, have the ability to mix darker toned lyrics with upbeat instrumentals. I feel that this delicate balance is what makes them so enigmatic and interesting. The intoxicating vocals, the pulsating beats and the overall carefree vibe of The Heirs make them a perfect addition to any music lover’s library.

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Recommended Tracks: 3 (Cash Flow), 1 (Alright Goodnight)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Tabitha Moore on 09/03/2016