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Aesop Rock: The Impossible Kid

Aesop-RockAesop Rock’s distinct sound does not make him for everyone, but on The Impossible Kid he delivers with improved production and lyrical prowess. This is Aesop’s seventh solo studio album and was completely self-produced. He made half of the album in a barn and the other half in an urban environment. The Impossible Kid is similar to his previous works, dense with words and the signature Aesop voice, but is easier to understand and the improved beats make it enjoyable for all listeners. Unlike other hip hop ventures his songs have meaning and tell a story. He tackles themes such as massive egos in hip hop, tributes to household pets, and growing up in a Christian home.

Recommended If You Like: El-P, Atmosphere, Busdriver
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Rings), 3 (Lotta Years), 4 (Dorks), 9 (Shrunk)
Do Not Play: 7 (Blood Sandwich), 11  (TUFF), 14 (Water Tower)
Written by Zach Yunk on 09/15/2016