Preview: Chiefs Return to Houston After Two Wins in 2015

The Chiefs are heading to Houston coming off a miracle comeback in Week One against the San Diego Chargers. A great 33-27 win overshadowed just how much the Chiefs struggled until the Chargers lost Keenan Allen, their best wide receiver. Now, the Chiefs face a Texans team that easily dispatched the Chicago Bears in Week One.

Chiefs’ Offense vs. Texans’ Defense

Spencer Ware. Well, that pretty much sums up the Chiefs offense, next segment. Okay fine, yes Spencer Ware made Chargers linebacker Manti Te’o seem like he was looking for his girlfriend more than he was a running back on a check down. Yes, Spencer Ware had nearly two hundred yards of offense against San Diego. But that will not happen again.

The Houston front seven is much more of a threat than what the Chargers have, and JJ Watt will command double teams.  Alex Smith does not throw the ball downfield often, so that should negate the pass rush, but the run game may struggle to get going.

Travis Kelce will be the key for Kansas City, as he presents such a huge matchup advantage. He should be able to outmaneuver the linebackers and is too strong for corners and safeties one-on-one. Kelce’s best game last year was against the Texans when he had 106 yards, two touchdowns on six receptions.

He has a great opportunity to match those numbers given that Brian Cushing is out, weakening their line backing core. As long as the passing game does enough to soften up the defense, then Alex Smith and Co. should be able to move the ball well.

Texans’ Offense vs. Chiefs Defense

The Chiefs may have a helping of Brock Lobster coming their way. Well, pardon the awful pun, but Kansas City struggled so much in the first half of Week One that fans should be worried. Sure, nothing about the Texans’ offense was very sexy in Week One, but Brock Osweiler did enough in the passing game and Lamar Miller grinded out over 100 yards.

Throw in DeAndre Hopkins, remember how much Keenan Allen dominated the secondary before getting injured, and the Chiefs defense could be on their heels for too long yet again. If the Chiefs can get enough pressure to make sure Osweiler doesn’t have a clean pocket to find Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Braxton Miller then Kansas City can slow down the game to their liking.

The Prediction

I think that this game could go either way and will most likely come down to who makes the first big mistake. Given that Alex Smith has a knack for not turning the ball over and managing the game, I will give KC the win here 24-21.

*Picks Record- 1-0

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Feature photo courtesy of Ben Jones.