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Nots: Cosmetic

R-8958671-1472247349-8643.jpegCosmetic, the second album released by the Memphis female group Nots, is a bashful and messy record that builds off of their style of “violent yet approachable”. With lead guitarist and vocalist Natalie Hoffman, Nots blends post-punk with indie beats to create a composition that is pretty fun to listen to. While this album doesn’t come to mind when finding something to study with or to show your friends, it is very effective at creating a fun environment, plus props to the album artwork. Hoffman tends to yell and moan into the mic in a way that portrays every emotion an angsty post-punk lover would feel in their parents’ basement, but in a good way.

Cosmetic is a good attempt at creating an indie post-punk sound that a normal Memphis group wouldn’t dare to create, which is why this album deserves a listen.

Recommended If You Like: Ex-Cult, Coathangers, White Lung
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Cold Line), 5 (Cosmetic), 7 (Inherently Low)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Cole Francis on 10/06/2016