Shawn Maxwell: Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow

New-Tomorrow-resizedShawn Maxwell is a Chicago-based jazz musician whose specialty seems to be live performances , although he and other musicians have produced studio albums before (New Tomorrow is his fourth). He has toured with several jazz groups before; he led the Shawn Maxwell Quartet in the 2000s, produced another album with Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance, a group of ten Chicago musicians, and now is with New Tomorrow, a quintet composed of a completely different group of Chicago musicians.
Overall, this offering is enjoyable. If you like jazz, you will probably be interested in this; if not, it is still fairly easy to listen to, unless you really dislike jazz for whatever reason. If it were in class, this album would get something like a B: not spectacular, but respectable.

Recommended If You Like: Jazz
Recommended Tracks: Work in Progress, Three Kinds of Heat
Do Not Play: none
Written by Alex McWhirt on 10/06/2016

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