Brew House Does Brunch Best

img_1571Who would have thought that a restaurant called Beer Kitchen in the heart of Westport would serve some of the best brunch I’ve ever had? I had been to Beer Kitchen for dinner and even on a Tuesday night, it was humming. Older married couples on date night, booths of friends having drinks, and a bar full of hockey fans. It was very dark but comfortable and the food was delish.

Then I went to brunch Sunday morning and a whole new side of Beer Kitchen was revealed. In the morning light, you could see the quirky decor: bird houses on the wall, art pieces in the windows. There was a casual, easy air about the place, and the large booths created the perfect space to enjoy a slow morning.

The menu names an array of breakfast favorites with just enough detail and care to elevate them timg_1568o Beer Kitchen’s standards. I considered the Breakfast Stacker (cholula butter fried egg, smoked bacon, black forest ham & chipotle white cheddar on toasted brioche bun) but when it comes to breakfast I am all about the sweets, so I ordered the Bavarian Apple Dutch Baby. It arrived with granny smith apples, lemon, powdered sugar and rosemary honey on top and breakfast potatoes on the side. The tart apples were the perfect pairing for the flavorful rosemary honey, and the dutch baby itself was slightly sweet and super dense. The potatoes offered something savory to balance the sweet dish, and they were browned to a golden crisp. I enjoyed the dish because it was warm and sweet and filling, without being the usual stack of pancakes.

Beer Kitchen makes for a lovely meal. The atmosphere is delightful, and unlike many popular brunch spots, I did not feel cramped, or rushed, or forgotten about. It serves elevated food in non-skimpy portions, and offers so many choices, you may have multiple favorites. The next time you are wanting a quality brunch without the hassle, head to Beer Kitchen.


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