!Cubanissmo! A dive into Hispanic Heritage Month

At the Lawrence Arts Center a musical group known as Cubanissmo performed in honor of Hispanic Heritage month. Their music travels through time from educating others about Iberian culture to Spanish Baroque, Portuguese Fado, and Argentine Tango. This group, originally from Kansas City, runs small but has a vast amount of instruments represented.

final-appetizersBefore the show there was a pre party where delicious hor d’oeurves were served from a local restaurant on Mass street. All the dishes were representative of different Hispanic cultures and brought a creative flare to eating before the event. Including, in my opinion the best, elote corn salsa which is a cheesy lime flavored corn salsa that is traditionally Mexican.


In the room before the event were a few of the musicians showingman-n-instrument off different instruments that would be played that night. Letting bystanders hold them and strum a few chords. The members of the group were extremely friendly and knowledgeable on the past of Latin America. They shared their knowledge with the guests.




Finally as I entered the event I could see the stage was swallowed by many different instruments, some I have personally never seen before, and as the show took place men and women took the stage dressed in bright swirling patterns. The women decorated their hair with flowers and the men were dressed sharply hair slicked back. They began a rhythm and moved their bodies to the tempo’s as well as their voices.


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