The Chiefs are still overrated

It really is special how things come full circle. My first ever online article was about how the Kansas City Chiefs were overrated, and now three years later here I am again. Yes, before you ask, I do understand that the Chiefs right now are 7-2, are leading the AFC West and are tied with the New England Patriots for the top spot in the AFC.

Obviously, some of you will point to how dominant they were last year and say that their winning has continued into 2016. After all, they won 10 straight in 2015, but they hardly ever beat any good teams. Eight out of the 10 teams the Chiefs defeated over the course of that streak did not have winning records.

The Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers were the two teams with winning records in that streak.

The Broncos were defeated by Peyton Manning’s four interceptions in one half, and the Steelers were starting Landry Jones. For what it is worth, they did beat the Houston Texans twice, so they get a participation trophy.

Of course, that trend has continued in 2016, as they have beaten only one team that has a winning record. The way KC has been winning has happened in a fashion that cannot and will not continue.

Against the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs had a great comeback, but the injury to Keenan Allen was a great help given how ineffective the Chargers were in the second half. Versus the Jets, New York could not get out of their own way with Ryan Fitzpatrick, giving the ball away in the red zone consistently.

The game Chiefs fans want to hang their hat on would be the win in Oakland. The Chiefs “beat down” the Raiders. Well, the rain probably beat down the Raiders offense, but that’s none of my business.

Once again, the Chiefs are simply beating bad teams, and often playing down to those teams and relying on those other teams to bail them out.

Yes, they play the schedule they are given, but after this week’s game versus Tampa Bay, the Chiefs will finally have a tough stretch of opponents.

While this team continues to win with their defense, an offense that has looked completely anemic for the whole season will have to step up.

That should be a scary thought given how painstakingly average Alex Smith has looked. The Chiefs have been exposed against playoff caliber teams in the past, and expect more of the same in the coming weeks.

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