Bleachbear: Cowboy Movie Star

Bleachbear is a teenage, indie pop-rock band from Seattle consisting of three high school girls, sisters Tigerlily and Bird Cooley, joined by cousin Emiko Nakagawa Gantt. This being the band’s sophomore album, it didn’t start out too promising, but quickly impressed before it was too late. Tigerlily tries to evoke emotion on “The Love Detectives” but it doesn’t quite come across because the singing was off key, and “Boy” sounds like an off-brand grunge song with an incredibly annoying hook. That all changed by track three, “Twenty Six.” From then on, the album consists of surf-pop melodies combined with Tigerlily’s amazing voice and soothing background vocals throughout. The album takes you through all kinds of different emotions, going from softer, more emotion-filled tracks like “Flash Mob”, to upbeat and poppy tracks like “I Don’t Know”.”Somnium” really shows the true potential of the band, with Tigerlily showcasing her incredible range towards the end. The band is reminiscent of bands such as Tennis, and it seems to be only the beginning for the teenage trio, who make it clear once again that musical talent knows no age.

Recommended If You Like: Tennis, Cults, Dreamgirl
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Twenty Six), 6 (Sunken Submarine), 7 (Somnium)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Victor Sotomayor on 02/08/2017

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